Jagwire Technologies Inc. is proud to be positioned to offer energy companies (and other industrial companies) relevant information management solutions.  Our information management solutions securely control and protect your vital data/information, such as: invaluable exploration results, or drilling and production data.

Large industrial-based companies can generate a tremendous amount of information management challenges. Exploration and production are very data-intensive procedures.  This information needs to be retained, archived and accessible for decades. Given the sheer quantity of information generated, Jagwire Technologies’s Records Management Software allows for your data to be organized, accessible and reportable in one place, where it’s most useful to you.

Jagwire Technologies ensures that your sensitive information is properly, and securely stored.  We understand the importance of secure accessibility in order to run daily operations, support investment or divestment decisions, and respond to regulatory matters in your busy company. Additionally, our global coverage means our service and resources are available worldwide.

Information Management Solutions

Jagwire Technologies’ Energy Sector Records Management solutions put control of your sensitive data back into your hands. We offer:

  • Integration of  physical and digital asset data from all global sources into a single data reservoir, with simplified management via our asset management software
  • Enhancement of  your ability to search, access and share asset data across global organizations and with partners and regulators
  • Consolidate physical and digital storage to reduce storage and management costs
  • Quickly convert legacy data to the format best suited to its intended use and means of distribution
  • Enhance the safety, security and longevity of high-value information through best practices for information storage, management, handling and destruction
  • Trust the insight of experienced industry experts ranging from local independent exploration companies to major, multinational oil companies
  • Extensive information storage, protection and management services offer the flexibility to integrate conventional business records—including financial data, operations data and corporate email—into a single, integrated solution
  • Integrating Jagwire Technologies’ expertise with strategic technology partners and solutions worldwide
  • Our global presence ensures access to the same breadth of resources, service offerings and renowned delivery and support worldwide

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive solutions combine unsurpassed records management expertise with in-depth experience managing exploration and production data. Jagwire Technologies’ managed services allow you to quickly deploy new capabilities, without the capital expense or lengthy implementation times of an in-house solution.

We are committed to keeping pace with new advances in storage technologies, security measures and best practices. Your valued employees will be free to turn their attention from information management to your core business: bringing energy to market. This is peace of mind.