Your Effort Your Reward

Jagwire set out to create one of the best compensation plans in the industry & to change the consulting game forever. In the corporate world, your compensation is determined by someone else and your performance can be claimed by others to be their own. Jagwire needs you for your business-building, service sales and product-selling efforts. Jagwire gives you all the money you deserve by clearly rewarding your performance in a predictable way!


Summary of Rewards

The preceding summary table is for illustration purposes only and does not show all benefits and bonuses that are available nor does it show requirements to receive the displayed commissions or the restrictions on each. Please refer to the WealthPlan describing the Benefits of each Title and the compensation calculations description. As a Jagwire Independent Consultant, with any Title, you make a 10% commission on the total sale price of orders placed by your Clients of Jagwire Products & Services listed in the Jagwire Confidential Pricebook if they are sold at list price.

If you choose to become a Team Leader you will have a Team under you and commissions will be paid to you based on your Team’s sales, some restrictions apply. As you move up the ranks you will qualify for more rewards.

There are no guarantees being given with respect to the compensation, bonuses or income you can or will make in any way as a Jagwire Independent Consultant because Jagwire Independent Consultants are rewarded for their success and this is tied directly to the effort and skill employed by the Jagwire Independent Consultant.


Jagwire reserves the right to periodically amend or modify this Program including the WealthPlan, the Policies & Procedures, the Privacy Policy, and the Independent Consultant Application & Agreement collectively referred to as (the Agreement). The Jagwire Independent Consultant agrees to abide by the Agreement and all amendments and modifications.

No Jagwire Independent Consultant of any Title may change, modify, amend or waive any provision of the Agreement and any representation to the contrary, or which is inconsistent with the foregoing, should not be relied upon and will not be binding on Jagwire.