Law Offices

In the legal world today – there must be operational efficiency, quality in service and cost management. As an important information management professional, the lawyer’s world is rapidly changing. The ever-growing electronic and physical information (with related security, regulatory compliance requirements or issues) seem to multiply daily.

On top of that, the modern law firm is faced with managing a complex staff structure, and costly multiple-service provider support. The management team must plan its operational strategy to assess how to level-up via the digital technology, and how to make the law firms more productive. With Jagwire Technologies Inc.’s enterprise-wide records management program, the quest for law firms’ operational efficiency and mobile access demands can now be met with ease, quality and accuracy. With this solution, you can :

  • Streamline operations.
  • Minimize costs.
  • Lower operational costs by shifting the right mix of files and tasks via the on-site/offsite scheme. ie. using imaging programs for fast access of information.
  • Level-up with digital technology. Jagwire Technologies Inc. establishes your office’s records management strategy — one that works economically, while complying to regulatory standards and puts governance in place. They do this by leveraging the most secure and advanced records management systems available.
  • Allow mobile access. We understand that you are busy. Keeping your lawyers mobile for faster, more responsive, and efficient client services.

With Jagwire Technologies you can score best practices for your law firm, as you can:

  • keep it simple and basic – by consolidating all of your information management services, across all locations, with one supplier or vendor.
  • take control by keeping only what’s required, so you can quickly access it and secure it.
  • make it 24/7 safe – by protecting confidential firms and client information in levels of security controls, which is a key obligation to your clients.