Private Industry

Jagwire Technologies Inc. is geared towards securing and protecting essential and sensitive business information for small to medium-sized enterprises. As businesses run their day-to-day operations using collected data, figures and relevant information, efficiency and security becomes the difference between profit and loss.

Jagwire Technologies wants to work closely with your business, as we provide your organization with innovative business information management solutions, such as: records management, secured data destruction/protection and corresponding recovery software. Directly benefit from our pool of experts that utilize innovative computing solutions that are customized to your company’s specific requirements. Jagwire is here to provide you with solutions to help you: manage costs, improve business efficiency, and operate with regulatory compliance.

Accelerate Business Growth

Jagwire Technologies Inc. helps your business grow, and accelerate to new levels of profitability, by continually improving our technology, practices, and systems. We want to ensure that our customers get the most from their information. This is achieved by continually updating our knowledge-base and expertise about industry best practices for small and medium enterprises like yours.

In order to cope with the global growth trends in business, SME’s must keep abreast of their records and information management tools, both locally and globally. We want your business to meet said hurdles and challenges with peace of mind. Contact Jagwire Technologies Inc. today, and focus on what really matter…your business!