Cyber Security

Most experts recommend that businesses start by having a strategic approach to cyber security. This strategic approach should include plans to secure existing systems and keep your business secure going forward. Cyber threats come in different forms. These attacks can negatively impact your company’s day-to-day operations, credibility, or your client’s private information.

Jagwire Technologies understands the many issues related to building a comprehensive cyber security strategy that protects your important information. Our managed Cyber Security Services extend the security of your business by enabling extensive visibility, increased compliance, rapid response and the ability to manage vulnerabilities/cyber threats across the enterprise. By taking the guess-work out of security, Jagwire ensures that you are protected, so that you can focus on managing your organization.

Jagwire Technologies offers Gartner Magic Quadrant next generation firewalls and security hardware solutions. We are the right company to help you implement your systems and protect your sensitive information. Jagwire is formally partnered with CheckPoint, GFI and Microsoft amongst others to help put your mind at ease that you have the right partner for your important project. Our Security & Privacy practice is growing in leaps and bounds. We are helping make the world a safer place to work and live in.

Here is a list of our cyber security services

Business Continuity Planning

Disaster Recovery

Privacy Assessments

Security assessments (audits, threat risk assessments, penetration testing)

Next Generation Firewalls

Network Analysis, Optimization & Implementation

Security Design and Implementation

Policy and Process Review & Development

Secure Software Development


Incident Response

Computer Forensics

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